About Us
hairLUV is a web-based hair care management tool sponsored by LUV Naturals.
It is designed to help you keep track of your hair maintenance, goals, progress and styles.

We are a warm, supportive community dedicated to inspiration, knowledge and best practices for natural, relaxed and transitioning hair. We embrace members of all hair types.

hairLUV is also a private hair diary system and social learning network. You can choose to use hairLUV solely for your own private use or you can participate and learn from the larger community.

Here are a few of hairLUV's features:

A personal online hair diary that only you can view. It includes the follow features:

Allows you to keep track of your hair care maintenance.

Hair Care Regimen Tracker
Need help remembering your last trim? Looking to recreate results achieved months ago? Our hair regimen tracker neatly stores information about your hair care habits and preferences.

Photo Journey
Allows you to document your hair journey through pictures.


Hair Challenge Groups
Up for a 30-day protective style challenge? Find other motivated members to join you with our groups feature.

Get styling ideas and motivation by following the journeys of other hairluv members, many of whom may have hair types similar to yours.